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efoto, the reason I'm bringing this up is to give you an idea for another strategy - if there's a cool / friendly / helpful Apple store employee maybe they could let you know whether your crush is already spoken for. It all boils down to this: I'm building a new PC out of some spare parts and a few upgrades... Anyway, I think I was either not interested or I was in a long-distance-relationship but nothing happened between me and cosmetics woman.We've asked several Apple representatives "if I buy a class set of 32 ipods, and I want to use a paid app, how many copies does the school need to buy, how many itunes accounts do we need, how many computers do we need to sync all 32 devices and how can we purchase using ta purchase order (no school is going to relish tying a credit card to a personal account, or cutting a PO for 30 itunes gift cards!) The answer we have gotten back every time has been not 32, not 1, not 1 for every 5 devices, but the question does not apply, the i Pod and i Tunes are consumer products and the enduser agreement is for consumers not institutions, and when asked for advice we've been told that Apple does not provide interpretations of their agreements and how we choose to interpret it is a mater that we should take up with our in-house council. No heavy breathing through your teeth so it makes that creepy noise, and no Fava beans with Chianti for lunch.

I can't get it to update when you hold down the power button. Like the way you just picked out a solitary post, ignored my other post, just to make your point ;0) I said it's a companion device in a later post. The i Pad is a glorified i Pod touch, it is not a learning device (yet), not will it replace a computer in the home unless all you use is Facebook, even then you can't upload photos without the use of another computer. Any student, it doesn't even fulfill the needs of half of all students. Nor can you put pictures or anything onto it without the use of another computer, so how exactly does it replace a computer?The target audience of a program like this is clearly K12.It is similar to bundles that apple currently has of 32 i Pod touches and a Bretford cart or use in a K12 classroom.

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