Elen rivas peter andre dating

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But on occasions, like one time for her birthday, she came home and I said 'oh my gosh Ems I completely forgot to tell you, we've got to leave in an hour.'" MORE: Peter Andre and Emily's fun day out at the farm with their children - photos He continued: "She said 'leave for what? You need your passport.' So we got to the airport and I put headphones on her and got her to look down so she wouldn't know where we were flying.Got her on the plane, she still didn't know where we were going. As soon as she saw the signs of Venice she was like ' Oh my God.' So I got her all the way to Venice without her knowing.She’s great with his kids and Princess even asked him recently if he’ll marry Emily.” The source adds: “Pete told pals: ‘Emily hasn’t said a bad word about Katie and is respectful that she’s the mother of my kids.With busy careers and children to take care of, Peter Andre and his wife Emily Mac Donagh don’t get a chance to spend time alone together very often.Peter was downcast while out and about with his mum.

He was also an instant hit with the ladies thanks to his tanned muscles and amazing abs!Our source says: “Pete’s said showbiz couples never last because it’s a clash of egos. He loves that she’s training to be a doctor and insists her career is as important as his, if not more so.“And he really likes Emily’s traditional family values.There is no denying that Peter and Emily are besotted with one another, and the singer adores doting on his wife of three years. about the most romantic present he has ever given Emily – and he certainly doesn’t do things by halves!Discussing the time he took Emily on a trip to Venice for her birthday, he said: "I'm a bit of an old romantic and it can be a bit cringe to some people but I'm not soppy to the extent of doing candlelit dinners every night.

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