Double your dating book for sale

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That this game of keep-away should be so homologous to what it aims to cure is entirely intentional.

The free newsletter pumps out emails promising secrets that never are revealed, and won’t be, whether you buy anything or not. The live seminar DVD material takes the same teasing format, with extremely short tracks that mainly lead up to rhetorical questions that, it is hinted, are sure to be answered on the next track, or perhaps in the next set of DVDs.

For variety, the staged seminars bring in other “relationship experts,” each with their own product to pitch, in an unending affiliate shell game.

Christian Carter, seminar leader and frat-boy manqué, is a consummate bullshit artist.

But you imagine a bridge you each are building toward each other, from opposite banks, right?

What if I told you that you were side by side, building the bridge in the same direction together? * (not verbatim quote, as it would be torture to listen to again.)It is difficult, but not impossible, to find objective information, critical commentary, or shared files of the ebook or videos online.

Piggybacking on the pick-up artist explosion (PUA elder Ross Jeffries claims De Angelo was his student, and bitterly resents his success), double your dating was for men who wanted to score.Catch Him and Keep Him was reverse-engineered from market-tested keywords of hope and desperation; its products consist of marketing copy mixed with pop psychology and subliminal scare tactics.The Catch Him and Keep Him site itself is a long copy-tease, which hints at secrets and satisfaction, but never delivers, much like the relationships of its target audience.If you’re a woman and you’re on the internet, you’ve seen these text ads.Next to your gmail inbox, following you around on those “Elsewhere on the Web” faux news links.

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