Diverged assimilation converging and accommodating

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For example, the first time a child uses a computer, a very simple scheme is constructed consisting of rudimentary rules—touching keys makes marks on the screen.After time and practice, the child’s computing structure accommodates word processing, e-mail, Web searches, and so forth.*Interactant – The word refers the close relations between each other with their communication.Theory Communication accommodation theory elaborates the human tendency to adjust their behaviour while interacting.When individuals encounter something foreign to their learning structures, the imbalance created is restored through equilibration.Piaget viewed equilibration as a biological, self-regulatory mechanism for all living things that helps organisms adapt to the external environment by changing internally through learning, rather than by mutation.Equilibration—the process of finding equilibrium or balance—is Piaget’s explanation for how learning grows.Individuals try to balance their present understandings with new events or data they encounter that conflict with what they know, while attempting to maintain stability.

People accommodate their communication activities to get approval and to set a positive image in front of the interactant.Piaget viewed equilibration as the major force tying these together.As children mature biologically and interact with people and objects, they must respond to even simple environmental stimuli, acting on these mentally and physically to understand their encounters in the world.Howard Giles, the professor of communication at the University of California, developed the theory which is and according to him is when people try to emphasis or minimize the social difference between the others whom they interact with.The factors that lead to the accommodation activity are adjustments which can be through verbal communication or through gestures.

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