Disadvantages of rubidium strontium dating

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Nonetheless, taking the properties of alkali and alkaline earth elements into account, and refinements in analytical techniques for Rb–Sr, it remains a powerful tool to date rocks and metamorphic assemblages and is re-establishing its place among the top dating techniques.) by beta decay, i.e., the emission of an electron.

Error sources can include procedural contaminants (commonly referred to as “blank”) or isotope tracer calibrations.

The amount of radiogenic ingrowth of Sr-87 in at least two phases with different Rb–Sr corresponds to the amount of decayed Rb-87.

With knowledge of the exact decay rate (the Rb decay constant, λSr that formed in initial isotopic equilibrium and thus have the same initial Sr isotope composition.

In recent years, the Rb–Sr dating technique has lost some of its popularity to other dating tools.

Other chronometers, such as U–Pb in zircon, can, in principle, date similar events to higher precision and, in the case of high-temperature igneous emplacement events, higher accuracy.

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