Diana and eoughan dating

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Eoghan certainly had some memorable moments on the show - including his romance with fellow contestant Diana Vickers.However, his Instagram page shows snaps of him happily coupled up with his current girlfriend Amy Campbell.The singers, who both made the final 5 at the weekend, were travelling back to the contestants’ house after Saturdays show.And insiders say their relationship is an open secret on set.Guess we'll have to leave this pairing in 2008 then... Not only her professional career, but she is also known for her dating life, as she has dated multiple partners.After the show ended he swapped the stage in favour of heading back to school and "the whole university thing".He's clearly also been making time to hit the gym and tattoo parlour as his new look shows.

X Factor contestants Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg have further fueled rumours they’re an item after being spotted cosying up together in a cab.They don’t care who knows they’re an item any more, a source tells The Sun.They’re always together and everybody knows they’re a couple now.You can always tell when someone’s in love because it radiates from them.” birthday together with her then-boyfriend, Craig by going on a date night with him in London’s Covent Garden.Following four years of dating, Diana ended the dating affairs with George too in 2015.

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