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In medicine, denudation refers to the loss of surface layers, such as the epithelium.



Early studies prompted the formation of denudation cycle hypotheses to describe land formations. Davis proposed a cycle of 'wearing down' in which so called 'young' landscapes had high gradients and elevations, and waning, low elevation topography through middle age to old age.The result is an estimate of the wearing down of the Earth's surface in inches or centimeters per 1000 years.Denudation rates are usually much lower than the rates of uplift.Although at present they are mostly discounted, many of these models are enduring due to their simplicity and seemingly obvious assumptions. Landscapes of Britain and Wales were thought to reflect these multiple peneplanation and rejuvenation cycles, such as the 3,000-foot remnant summit plateau in North Wales.A number of assumptions of fluvial and glacial dynamics in temperate areas were made in the formation of this model.

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