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o Take the picture • Massage Contest: o First round: If you are on Elena’s path, she’ll choose you. ▪ D massages E: • Do it • Stop ▪ You massage E: • Massage her shoulders • Massage her boobs (If you are on E’s path) • Massage her feet o Second round: D always chooses you.▪ E massages D: • Massage her ass (If you are on E’s path) • Finger her (If you are on E’s path) ▪ You massage D: • Go down • Massage her breast • Massage her feet o Third round: You have to decide who gave you the best massage.

Spa Area (With D): • Kiss her • Touch her boobs • Take it off • Let’s do it together o Begin o Faster o Cum • Kiss her • Take her bra off • Kiss or Lick her nipples ( 1LP) • Kiss her belly • Lift her legs • Take her panties off • Kiss her pussy ( 2LP) • Finger her o Faster • Close your eyes • Open your eyes o Start o Faster o Kiss his penis (If you watched the entire movie at F’s hotel on Day 15) D’s Home: • Answer the phone How to unlock the Footjob: You need to make certain decisions during the day to unlock the footjob option at the evening of Day 17.

You’ll have to get a certain amount points to advance in the game. (This won’t be the best option for players on the Daughter path, as it will lead to less scenes with her) • Georgina Path: If Georgina didn’t masturbate early on Day 7 and you didn’t reject her, At the office you tell her you’re going to resign – G gives you an audio recording if she went to the office early on Day 7 – You will be meeting with Martin because Maria is out – Martin says he will take care of Maria – you decide not to use audio recording as you don’t want to get Martin in trouble.

You get a small severance package, but it will stop you from doing certain activities (and viewing special scenes) with D in Chapter 2 due to lack of funds.

There are two stats (at the moment) in the game: Friendship and Love. The corruption level is at the top right corner of the screen.

You can see them at the top right corner of the screen. (Pink goes to black in 18 steps) You can choose your name as well as your daughter’s name. Day 1 Apartment • Get up • Go talk to Jennifer Café • Hug her Dad Returns to The Apartment (Georgina Route) • Kiss her o Grab her boobs • Kitchen • Bathroom o IMPORTANT: If you decide to peek, she will ask you if you need to pee too. If you are into this, choose yes, if not, choose NO of course  • Bedroom • Let her jerk you off o Cum • Kiss her/Touch her boobs/Touch her pussy • Put it in • Fuck her o Faster • Cum inside/Pull out Apartment (Evening) • Answer the phone • Open the door • Kiss her or Hug her • Go bring some wine • Kiss on the mouth • Interrupt him • Lay on the bed • Let her continue: Start a romantic relationship with Jennifer • Reject Her: You reject a romantic relationship with Jennifer Apartment (Evening) (If you didn’t Reject Jennifer) • Take her shirt off • Remove her arm • Lick or Bite her nipple • Kiss her stomach • Remove her panties • Continue: If you continue, Dad will lick J’s pussy and masturbate her • Let Jennifer Take over: She will lick and suck Dad’s dick • Deflower her or Take her ass o Penetrate her o Thrust forward • Cum on her face or cum in her mouth Apartment (Morning) • Get up and have a shower • Go back to the bedroom • Wake her up • Go to the office Office (Noon) This scene will change depending on the decisions you made in Chapter 1: • Daughter Path: If Georgina didn’t masturbate early on Day 7 and you rejected her, she will send an audio recording of Maria and Martin having sex.

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