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With the advent of online dating sites, the virtual world has become one of the best ways to meet a potential compatible lifelong mate. Along with the cyber dating revolution the need to check-out just who you are going to diner with for the first time may be important. Some individuals consider the practice of checking into another person’s past as excessive, over-reacting or just plain paranoid.

Zaba Search: This is a public database that basically draws its information from landline telephone company records.You can do searches at this website by either phone number of the person’s name.If your person of interest maintains a listed telephone landline number, you most likely will be able to find, or confirm his/her number.There are many public databases out there that may come-up in an initial Google search including recent bookings or criminal history on such sites as or Many of the individual state’s sex offender websites are indexed by Google and will return hits for individuals who are amongst the almost 750,000 registered offenders on these lists across the country.

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