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He said he would pick me up from my hotel on his motorcycle, take me on a drive through his favorite parts of town, over the Golden Gate bridge, and up to a scenic lookout to watch the sunset. It was by far one of my most memorable dates, and he was so cool that my friends and I ended up meeting up with him and his friends the next night for Thai food and drinks at a local’s bar.

It was great because the pressure was totally off since it wasn’t likely we’d see each other again.

I spent a couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to explore more outside of the major city I was in and do things like hiking, which I had never done alone (I have the worst sense of direction and knew I would get lost in the woods).

I met a guy on Tinder and ended up spending the whole weekend with him going to bars and to his favorite breakfast spots.

On my last day there, we went on The Best Date of My Life Thus Far: We woke up at 4am and drove about 2 hours to hike to these remote hot springs in Mt. He packed a thermos of tea and gave me a pillow and blanket to sleep on the way there.

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We didn’t meet up, but I think they all generally wanted to after finding out I was in town with a bachelorette party.There were definitely plenty of men on the app, but no one I felt compelled to meet in person.There were several that were very intrigued that I was only in town for a few nights.I mean, he and I are Facebook friends now so, like, you could say it’s pretty serious.I told the people I matched with that I was in town visiting and looking for good places to go out with friends.

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