Dating someone same birthday astrology

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On the other, you may enable your shared bad habits: An all-Aries couple might fuel each other's competitive nature, while two Cancers might convince each other it's totally fine if they never leave the house.

If it describes a person who likes a lot of familiarity, the potential the relationship would last would be greater than it the common chart describes a wanderer-type person.Just like they hate to have a sibling born on the same day, or to share their birthday with Mother's/Father's day. but when I reached my teens, my birthdays became a drag.Some, just like to party it up and have all the attention for the day. At least if I had a partner with the same birthday, I could foist all the cards and gifts off onto her. I used to date a girl whose bday was December 31st.You’d also want to look at the 7th house in both the charts. Most couples have the slower moving outer planets in common.If one of them has Mars in the 7th and prefers friction and challenge in relationship, this would probably indicate this kissing cousin thing is not their bag. They’re from the same generation, which does come into play.

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