Dating someone less intelligent than you Sex dating ass in scotland

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Look for things you are already getting in return when you help them out, like friendship and respect, or cold hard cash, if you're a tutor. You can help as long as you reach your goal, too, even if it takes you longer as a result of helping.As soon as helping makes it impossible for you to reach your goal, stop.He sleeps over 3-4 nights per week, and she says I'm being unreasonable for having a problem with it because he's my friend too.2017-04-12 What's your typical personal policy on women sleeping over/cuddling after one night stands or FWB situations?2019-01-05 My [29M] gf [30F] seems to expect me to follow a script of "expectations". 2019-01-16 What sparked the worst argument you've ever been in with a roommate/housemate?She's constantly hurt, essentially saying I should "just know" to do things a certain way to demonstrate I really love her. 2019-01-18 How much does your SO know about your porn / masturbation habits ? If they don’t, how do you think they would feel about it?

2017-03-06 My [26m] housemate [28F] is dating one of my friends [26M].

Plan time to tutor after school, rather than in-class helping.

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2017-01-06 Girl [24F] I was in love with, dumped me [27F] after 5 years because I'm too short..she wanted to "give her future kid a chance at good genetics" 2017-01-11 I [27m] have done some bad things in the past I deeply regret.

I want to reinvent myself into a better person and bury the past.

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