Dating sites whilst pregnant

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There are of course websites which are dedicated to every kind of fetish and then allow you to date others who share that fetish.

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I didn’t consider dating while pregnant to be taboo until I told friends or colleagues what I was doing and saw their reactions. ” they stammered as their ideas of pregnancy (wholesome! People have many strong opinions about pregnancy: what you should eat, do, even think. Online dating had been a great way not just to get laid (let’s be honest), but also to try a new restaurant with someone or head to a new beach.

Single people date all the time, but a single person dating seemed to startle folks. In pursuing single motherhood, I had decidedly shifted my intentions with dating.

It was one thing for a pregnant woman to have sex with a partner who’s presumably the other parent of the child, but the thought of a pregnant woman having sex with someone who wasn’t the other parent? I used to be on the lookout for long-term potential, but once I chose to become pregnant on my own, that was no longer my goal.

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