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For Apollo 15, the Group recommended a site near the Davy crater chain, assuming adequate photography could be obtained on 14.59 As it turned out, the photos from Apollo 14 would come too late to allow certification of Davy as a site for Apollo 15, and in June the site selection subgroup convened once more to evaluate candidate sites for Apollo 15 and 16.

In February 1970 the Group for Lunar Exploration Planning met at Houston to reassess the fist of sites in fight of recent developments and to make new recommendations to the Site Selection Board.

After a long discussion that reexamined 14 sites** for which reasonably adequate photographs were available, the subgroup agreed on a recommendation that the Marius Hills be the candidate for Apollo 15. For Apollo 16, Descartes was the landing site of choice.

In the event that Apollo 15 was canceled, Marius Hills should be shifted to Apollo 16 and Descartes to 17.

Arguments for Hadley and Marius Hills were fairly evenly matched, both from scientific and operational standpoints, and the debate between the two was virtually deadlocked until astronaut David Scott, recently picked to command Apollo 15 (see below), said that he preferred Hadley although he thought he could land at either site. The Board recommended Hadley for a launch date between July and September 1971, Descartes for Apollo 16 between January and March 1972.

The choice of a site for Apollo 17 was left open; Marius Hills and Copernicus were the leading candidates, but others (e.g., Littrow) were still in the running, and a new site might be found in future orbital photography.62 The September meeting wrapped up the Apollo Site Selection Board's unfinished business for the time being. I cannot serve on more committees and do my university work." 54.

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