Dating seiko chronograph watches

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The 6138 is a relative of the aforementioned 6139 but contains a second sub register and can be hand wound.Apparently, and this is seen by its numerically earlier reference, this is the movement Seiko wanted to release first in 1969, but due to its complexity, it simply wasn’t ready yet.What they may lack in serious diving capability, though, they make up in spades with jaw-dropping looks.The Rally Divers are well known to Seiko collectors chiefly because of their amazing “checkered-flag” rotating bezel inserts.It’s the New Year and as many people put together resolution lists, we thought we’d do the same and kick off the year with a look at 10 Vintage Seiko watches you should buy right now.Our admiration for Seiko is pretty transparent – from its new releases that we anticipate each March at Basel to our many in-depth articles on classic references (and a recent look on affordable vintage here) – we find that the brand from Japan has so much to offer.The 6309 is a Seiko that finds its way into the collections of those who generally prefer far more expensive brands such as Rolex because of the watch’s simple, yet iconic looks and functionality.

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The Rally Diver…diving and classic car themes all in one watch? You’ve read here and elsewhere about the over-the-top quality of Grand Seiko new and old, but you’ve probably read a bit less about the brand’s other former top tier series: King Seiko.Next, the 6139 was one of the movements in the race for first automatic chronograph in 1969 – depending on what you want to believe, it can make a claim as the first – and contains a robust, column-wheel equipped movement.Next, and hear me out here, while other dial colors exist, I find the bright yellow dial of the Pogue to be emblematic of Seiko’s design language during the late 60’s-mid 70’s.Some of our chosen models are extremely familiar and have been covered while some are less known, but still significant.So, Happy New Year and, in no particular order, let’s talk vintage Seiko.

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