Dating people like your parent

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Being in an unconventional relationship can be difficult.

Their reaction is wrong but it is based on their love for you and their desire to see you get the best out of life.

This does not make their objection OK, but it does mean that it is not as evil as it may initially seem.

Your first step should be to inform them that you do not share their views and that you won't live your life according to opinions you don't consider valid.

However, try to be objective even when they will not.You should also let them know that you are well aware of how others may view your relationship and state that you are prepared to deal with those who judge.Let them know that as far as you are concerned love is between two individuals, not a family, a peer group or a community.Your parents are likely objecting out of fear for you.They may worry about how others may react to your relationship.

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