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This is where she receives customers — she works as a hair stylist. Her wardrobe is full of clothes that highlight her figure as well as shoes from stilettos to trainers.Ten years ago Milana, who’s originally from Orenburg and who has stunning good looks, swapped all these clothes for a black dress and hijab after converting to Islam.“He told me about Islam, asking me why I didn’t pray.I asked him what I needed to do, and he sent me a few prayers.“People crossed themselves while sitting opposite me on the tram.Some swore at me, others turned up their noses, insulted me, called me a fundamentalist,” she says of that time.That’s when I started wearing hijab.”A week later, Milana had entirely changed the way she dressed. “My family, let’s say this, weren’t pleased — my aunt went into hysterics, my mum and dad panicked, but it was all the same to me.

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He drove me to a beautiful, big house, saying ‘this is your new home.’”Very slowly, old friends from Moscow who had shunned Milana at first started to come back into her life.She was just 18 years old.“My page on the site was completely blank — no photo, barely any information. ’”The man asked whether Milana was “jiakhilya”, explaining that this was somebody who didn’t fully observe the demands of their faith, which irritated her.All of a sudden, I received a message from a guy with a similarly anonymous profile. “He then told me that a true Muslim woman should pray, and should cover her hair in public,” she says.I found a woman who wore a hijab living nearby, and invited her over.I listened to her and stared at her as if spellbound…

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