Dating multiple girls

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Today, my friend Pete will show you how he’s used his charisma to date multiple women while being open to a long-term connection.

Their initial reaction when I tell them I’m seeing other women (or that I plan on seeing other women) is always one of two: 1) Indifference or 2) Temporary confusion Those who feel indifferent when you break the news are usually seeing other men themselves.But if you’re being honest and you actually give a shit, you’re not only being ethical, you’re being completely fair to them.I find myself initiating the following conversation frequently, in one form or another: But I’ve learned that it’s always better to be honest and upfront about my intentions early on in new relationships.I tend to get really close with the women I with them.I have fallen in love with two gorgeous women in my life, and both of those serious relationships began while I was seeing several other women.

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