Dating long distance and visitng

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According to a 2006 study from Ohio University, a third of long-distance relationship end after three months of being reunited in the same city.

So if you can make it to this point and still feel like you have something worth fighting for, than the odds are still in your favor. The truth is that most people aren't willing to make the sacrifices and take the risks necessary to make things work.

If you're constantly wondering if your partner is up to something then you need to have a conversation about it — communication is key.She and I spent every possible moment together until I had to head back to school on the East Coast and we officially began a long-distance relationship.Long-distance relationships aren't for everyone, writes author Steven John, who spent the first three years of his relationship with his now-wife living in a different state.Check out the entire Gen Why series and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.We met when I was visiting LA on a break from college and she had recently moved to the area.

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