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The central figures in this book are Mehdi Hassan, an upcoming lawyer and politician, and his wife Ellen Donnelly.

Mehdi was a handsome Muslim nobleman who had been educated at Canning College in Lucknow; he acquired legal expertise in land law and slowly advanced up the legal ladder.

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This was a prestigious position indeed, ranking just below that of the Prime Minister.

The trial in question, here ably presented and carefully analyzed by Benjamin Cohen, was, like Wilde’s, a long, salacious saga of sex and lies.

There was, of course, no videotape, but a nude photograph which no one seemed able to produce was verbally offered in evidence.

Ellen, born in India, was an attractive Irish girl from a poor lower middle-class family.

They met in Lucknow and got married in 1873; Ellen converted to Islam, and, for a while, segregated herself, a custom known as purdah, which she later abandoned with Mehdi’s approval, and dressed in both Indian and European clothes.

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