Dating essay examples

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Love and romance teach us self-respect as well as to respect others.

Therefore, teen romance should not be discouraged but we have to draw some lines.

There has been about 334 mass shootings in 2018 alone.

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Hence, they suggest that teens should be told about the consequences and dangers of risky behaviour while on dates.

It keeps us informed on the news, weather, fashion, drama, and politics.

It allows us to share information, advice, tips, and how to do things.

They opine parents should handle teens and their relationships with much care, understanding and openness We’ve all experienced love during our teenage years. This love adds richness and happiness to our lives. It provides us with a chance to discover our own-selves as we share it with someone new.

We also learn things — to love ourselves, things we’d like to change and about the qualities and values we look for in a partner.

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