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Give yourself permission to focus on you for a bit.” “If being in a relationship consumes you and every weekend is a hunting expedition to land a significant other, you need to be single,” says Concepcion.In short, looking for fulfillment outside instead of inside never ends well.“Cheating isn’t fun, that’s obvious, but we often lose sight of how it affects our ‘next’ relationships,” says Armstrong.“If we have been cheated on, hard as we may try, we will generally assume the worst and be incredibly cautious with whoever we meet next.Or worse yet, we will assume that we were the reason someone cheated on us and we will do whatever we need to be attractive and available to our ‘next’ partner—anything to avoid being cheated on again.” And if you did the cheating, it’s worthwhile to explore why it happened and get to the root of the issue to make sure it doesn’t happen again.If you find yourself making concessions when you meet someone who isn’t really right for you, but you want to try to make it work, then it’s worthwhile to hit pause on your dating life.But when you’re ready to get back out there, make sure you know what women always want to hear.

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There’s nothing wrong with setting dating aside for a bit to focus on your own goals.

Instead of always having a backup plan, try to get more comfortable with the idea of not being part of a couple before searching for a new partner.

You could try developing some stronger male friendships instead.

If your self-worth is tied to your relationship status, it’s tough to be yourself or get anything positive out of dating and relationships.

“Work on your self-esteem and get your value from who you are as a person—not what you are to someone else.

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    Friendship is an essential aspect of relationship building skills.

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