Dating deal breakers for women

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Often times men try to impress women with their ability to recite every word from their favorite, current blockbuster and show off their “come back” skills.Sure, that can be cute for a little while, but if every simple questions is met with, “That’s what she said! ”, than chances are he can’t think of anything thoughtful to say. Infidelity In the same e Harmony study listed earlier, infidelity was the fourth most common “can’t stand” for women and the sixth most common response for men.If he has a speckled past in this department, most women walk away before their heart is added to the list. Brags too much It’s great to be financially stable and even wealthy, but money is not everything.A healthy relationship is built on love, compassion, respect and honesty, not a stack of bills.Both men and women posted similar concerns about lying, cheating, rude behavior and drug use.Check out these 9 deal breakers from the woman’s perspective and take a close look at your current relationship- are you living with a potential dead end? He’s more interested in his gadgets If his eyes are on the TV/Computer/Phone more than they are one you, you have a problem.Drugs can often be placed too high on a user’s priority list and therefore money is sucked into the addiction.Typically people with a dependency of drugs are not motivated individuals and tend to think less of providing for you, and potentially a family, and more about when is the next time they can get high. Poor hygiene Sure, at first it’s kinda funny that your man might just throw a hat on his greasy hair, or have a typical messy room, but after a while most women site this as a sure fire deal breaker.

It’s great to have “things” in life, but what happens if his investments go south and the real estate market makes him loose thousands on his newest home?Not surprisingly, both sexes want someone who is emotionally healthy, and who is honest and has strong character.On the flip side, men and women were mostly in agreement about what they can’t stand in a relationship, although there were differences in how they ranked various behaviors.In a study created by the online dating site, e Harmony, it was revealed that men and women agree on many of the “must haves” in a relationship.They want a sense of humor, someone who is affectionate and kind, chemistry, good communication and loyalty.

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