Dating childish men

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This happens by two reasons: a) the person wants to fill the emptiness inside them by being in favor of the others and b) the person wants to a part of your life and happiness, only to feel that they belong to somebody. The lack of control over the emotions and the thoughts is another significant feature of the immature people.

They can easily subdue to their primitive feelings—anger, jealousy, paranoia, sadness, guilt—and embrace them with open arms, even if these feelings don’t match the reality.

It's a sign of immaturity if he's unable to form close bonds with people and be serious enough to have a deep friendship.

The ability to form a close, serious relationship with another person is an essential sign of maturity in a healthy male. He can't express anger, sadness or love in any meaningful way.

Being recently divorced after five years of marriage, single for the first time in eight years and not yet 30 years old, I haven’t been on as many dates as I had first expected.

A mature man is able to say how he's feeling and can express his thoughts to those who are important to him.

Playing the victim has its psychological explanation.

This behavior is a result of a person’s desire for love and attention, which might turn the relationship into a codependent one.

If his life consists of Play Station, delivery pizza and a dead-end job, you may have an immature man.

Mature men have life goals and are actively working toward them.

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