Dating brookfield insulators

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When the pots are needed in the furnaces, those that are already the driest are picked out and placed in he pot oven, where they are allowed to remain nine or ten hours, while the heat, commenced moderately, is gradually increased until the pot has a temperature of approximately that of the furnace when it is transferred thereto.

Were it not for this caution, the sudden and severe heat of the furnace would shiver the pots into fragments almost instantly. In another large room, 50x80 feet, stones were being manufactured for the use of the .

The former were built in rolls the size of a finger, and without any guide but the eyes, so they varied very much according to the taste or skill of the builder or molder.

Bushwick Glass Works These works are located on Grand street, Williamsburgh, N.

Y., upon a portion of the property purchased from the Hon.

Upon being subjected to the excessive heat of the furnaces, the sand fuses and the clay hardens, so that the compound becomes vary solid and permanent, and will last many months, though enduring the intense flame necessary in melting glass.

Upon the floor we found some forty or fifty of these stones drying, the molds having been removed in order that the air might increase the process.

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