Dating ann halloran atlanta

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As names, ranks and dates may differ, it is not always easy to ensure the right entries are assigned to a given name.

O'BARR, Byron D, F2, 6240402, USNR, from Texas, USS New Orleans, location Solomon Islands, missing, date of loss November 30, 1942 (pm) O'BARR, Byron Denman, Fireman 2c, USNR. Roy Jackson OBarr, 2848 6th St., Port Arthur, Tex (na) OBARR, Byron Denman, Fireman Second Class, 6240402, USN, from Texas, Dec-43, Manila American Cemetery (bm) O'BARR, Byron, F2c, USN, New Orleans CA-32, November 30, 1942 (nm) O'BARR, Joe F, SEA2, 5524853, USNR, from South Carolina, location North Atlantic Ocean, missing, date of loss January 10, 1943 (pm) O'BARR, Joe Franklin, Seaman 2c, USNR.

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