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In fact, divorced moms are starving for it — it’s a whole different world to date as a mother, so Scary Mommy called in some expert advice from Psychotherapist and Certified Divorce Coach, Catharine Blake to help any divorced mother out there get her head right before she decides to date, or if she’s dating right now wondering what the hell is going on. A cup of coffee, walk, or a drink is plenty of time to decide if you’d like to see the person again.

You can tell pretty quickly if you want a second date with this person.

For too long I’ve let what my ex-husband and his new wife think about me bother me.

All I wanted was for the kids to see us all get along and to bring them up in a peaceful and accepting environment.

If you’re new to this teen dating thing, here’s some helpful advice.

Everyone is figuring out who they are in the world.Acknowledging your teen’s anxiety about dating will help them have a more positive and relaxed time.When your teens start dating, it’s an exciting new chapter for them. This is nothing for them to feel embarrassed about so do not stigmatize it in any way.These statements will stick with your children throughout their lives.It’s also important to teach them the value of consent.

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