Dating a witch

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As we have become more open about visibility, sexual liberation, and shifting ideas around modern relationships, it seems natural that our theosophical beliefs would trend toward being more accepting of deviating from the strict confines of popular traditional religions.Spirituality doesn’t cast you out for being different; it draws you in to use your differences as an inquiry to personal truth. My grandfather was a Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist who lived on an ashram. And today, their ancient healing practices provide the basis of my own practice as a .Then there are the eight Sabbats, plus the Witches’ New Year. Oh, and there are the Esbat rituals for the thirteen Full Moons and the thirteen New Moons! However, for many Christians, that whole ‘Suffer Not A Witch To Live’ thing from Exodus in the Old Testament really takes the romance out if it!

So, mostly it will be like dating anyone else…That is except for the altar in the living room and the one on the patio.

However, a Wiccan Witch, oath-bound to Honor the Rede and ‘Do No Harm, lest in defense or For The Greater Good’, might simply and sadly walk away.

However, s/he just might cast a Reflection Spell on you so that you might learn what it is like when it happens to you!

It’s sort of a Karma thing you see and can be quite painful..

A Traditional or Gardnerian Witch, who rejects the ethics of the Rede, might just make your life a nightmare in every way s/he could…That said, in a normal loving relationship with mutual respect and equality, dating a Witch is no different than dating anyone else.

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