Dating a bartender

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But tread carefully with your fucking grenadine, my friend.)Don’t be a regular. Debbi is the sort of woman who shares articles on positive aging as a woman on social media and recognizes bartenders she just met as “kindred spirits.” She is the sort of woman we all want to be. Just write that shit on the receipt, or leave a business card or something. If it’s more of “tonight, not later” situation, then you have to wait until we’re off and go in for the kill accordingly.

Most bartenders would rather keep their regulars than sleep with you. But unless you since I’m not single, but honestly either way. Don’t expect us to scoop you up like our bag on our way out the door.

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Then she asked if I was looking for a place to live, because she had an empty rental property in the area.

Most bartenders I know are close to my daughter's age...

What if she has a great career but doing it as a side job? I'm done with partying with friends every weekend and wasting money on drinks but I don't want to stay at home doing nothing. I could be out and have a good time and earn money at the same time.

Because familiarity is a strong driver of attraction. But, there’s a fine line here between “familiar” and “regular.”Because, look, we already know like a millisecond in — or sometimes before you even walk in the door — if we’re gonna respond to you.

If we wouldn’t be interested in a million years (lol, iz me) then you gonna have to wait a million years — or, more preferably, move the fuck along.

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