Dating 101 seven things no one tells you about marriage

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Let's encourage those considering marriage to do it with commitment to do it well - or not do it at all.Marriage is the legally or formally recognized intimate and complementing union of two people as spousal partners in a personal relationship (historically and in most jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman).Yet, they respond with compassion to deep hurts by recognizing that divorce, though less than the ideal, is sometimes necessary to relieve one partner of intolerable hardship, unfaithfulness or desertion.Christians today hold three competing views as to what is the biblically-ordained relationship between husband and wife.Change one small thing for the good in your marriage and you’ll change the entire course of the relationship. Just listen when your spouse has something to say and wants to be heard. Forgive your own mistakes and imperfections, and your spouse’s too. We send out daggers when we feel like we need to defend. Here are the key elements of prayer: You build a house one brick at a time. Your marriage is worth every drop of love and effort you put into it. Thank you Wow, if every husband had someone like you to love !Here are some simple tips you can use starting right now. We are not making war; we are making peace in the home. You build a marriage, one kind word, one kind deed, one moment at a time, and then another and another. Laya Saul is the author of the award winning, life-wisdom book for teens, "You Don't Have to Learn Everything the Hard Way," and several children’s books. I pray that all of Hashems children should find spouses, as smart, committed, and passionate as you.This view makes the husband the “ruler” over "his" wife and “his” household.Their organization's first tenet is that "God reveals Himself as masculine, not feminine.

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He quoted from both Genesis 1 and 2 While marriage is honored throughout the Bible and affirmed among Christians, there is no suggestion that it is necessary for everyone.

God is the eternal Father and the eternal Son, the Holy Spirit is also addressed as 'He,' and Jesus Christ is a male".

They consider the husband-father to be 'sovereign' over his household—the family leader, provider, and protector.

If we are constantly "ready for battle" no one will feel comfortable communicating w/ us let alone sharing their innermost thoughts (something very much needed in a marriage especially).

I'm ready to let my loved ones know that I will listen, even if I don't like what I'm hearing, and knock down this barricade! As a psychologist I've found one book VERY useful - It's Jean Grenier's Ten conversations you must have before you get married.

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