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We went and chilled in the jacuzzi after and she asked me who else I think she should fuck and I told her that there was another guy there a little older then she normally would go for but good looking all the same.

A couple of minutes later he turned up and asked to join us. She told me to shift up and was sat in the middle of both of them.

She swapped cocks I think wanting the guy to fuck her but he had already played earlier on in the night and wanted to recharged his batteries so she had to make do with yet more guys fingering her.

I pulled out not wanting to cum in her and an asian guy took my place.The other guy from the jacuzzi tried but strangely enough couldn’t keep it hard enough to fuck her so I took it upon myself to show them what to do.I shoved my cock in her, grabbed hold of her hips and thrust deep inside her and then slapped her ass.Again we were joined by company and again she ended up with her hands around more cock while being fingered to orgasm.Back to the open room we went but I had to leave her to get a refill.

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