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Whether you intend to source and set up your servers locally or ship them to Curacao already set up, Gaming Curacao will be pleased to introduce you to suitable hosting companies.

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Natural perfumes, oils and herbal potpourri are also on sale.

Our clients can benefit from our advice in relation to the appropriate structuring of their corporate entities, ensuring maximum tax and compliance efficiencies.

Once your corporate entities are set up, we can provide all the ongoing professional support needed to keep them in good standing.

to p.m.; closed on Sundays) Another option for history buffs is the Maritime Museum which documents the island's rich naval history with a "floating market" of colorful ships from nearby islands just across the canal. to 4 p.m., during the cruise ship season) The Hato Caves site boasts limestone formations, waterfalls and other natural wonders.

Take a guided tour of this underground world to hear tales of Curacao's legends and check out the iguanas and bats.

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