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Speaking of Trump – Why Securing The Border Might Mean More Undocumented Immigrants (h/t Alas, A Blog).Related: A Richer Africa Will Mean More, Not Fewer, Immigrants To Europe.Guys, I think Thomas Schelling might be alive and working in a Kentucky police department: Police offer anonymous form for drug dealers to snitch on their competitors.Journalists admitting they’re wrong is always to be celebrated, so here’s Chris Cilizza: Oh Boy Was I Wrong About Donald Trump.I look forward to a glorious future when all drug approval decisions are made through fights between competing identity groups.

More evidence that compound interest is the least powerful force in the universe?

As support for his hypothesis, he shows that the Big Five Personality Traits, usually considered about 30-40% genetic on studies where personality is measured by self-report, shoot up to 85% or so genetic in studies where personality is an average of self-report and other-report. Brainwashing children can sometimes persist long-term, as long as you’ve got the whole society working on it.

A new study finds that Germans who grew up in the 1930s are much more likely to hold anti-Semitic views even today than Germans who are older or younger, suggesting that Nazi anti-Semitic indocrination could be effective and lasting.

Contradictory more optimistic interpretation; in no generation were more than like 10% of Germans anti-Semitic, so the indoctrination couldn’t have worked that well.

The Catholic blogosphere is talking about how fetal microchimeralism justifies the Assumption of the Virgin Mary or something.

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