Cory booker dating veronica webb

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Cory Booker will shovel and salt your driveway if you ask him to. During the 2011 snowstorm, the man used Twitter to communicate with constituents who needed shoveling out.

Even in college, Booker was a catch: He played tight end on Stanford University's football team. According to the college's alumni magazine, Booker played "varsity football by day and [worked] as a peer counselor at The Bridge by night." He was even senior class president, though he swears he had no political aspirations at the time.

Cory Booker was named America's "Sexiest Mayor," but all he wants to do is cuddle.

Another truth, at least according to an interview in Oprah's magazine: "I definitely want a partner, somebody to talk to at the end of the day....

Yes he does, but the assault weapons are only ones that his cops seized.

Cory Booker loves animals so much he keeps a strictly vegetarian diet. Someone once told Booker he should try being a vegetarian.

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