Clearcase updating merge comments

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Merge files: cleardiff -out output-pname [ -bas/e pname ] [ -q/uery | -qal/l | -qnt/rivial | -abo/rt ] [ -dif/f_format | -ser/ial_format | -col/umns n ] [ -hea/ders_only | -qui/et | -sta/tus_only ][ -b/lank_ignore ] [ -favor/_contrib n (base=1,...) ] pname1 pname2 ...

Clear Case is a set of tools developed by IBM which also include a centralized version control system similar to Git.

The pathname arguments can contain wildcards (most useful for excluding particular files; see the wildcards reference page), and must be listed in the file one per line, or also be of the form @ Default: When a directory is specified, its file contents are updated.

If a destination file already exists that is identical in contents with the source file, it is not overwritten.

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id=11111111-0000-0000-0000-000000000333 ) for that question. One approach: First try just copying over the "bin" directory. That probably is now a small enough directory to tar/zip over to whatever client that wants it.

Yael, what about installing the CC Remote Client on each machine(that way you could push out the Same eclipse instance (with RTC provide as well as CC), you would have flexibility if you ever needed access to CC source(if you have any left) and that plugin package is very very small on the CC side of things...

The following merge tools are available with CCRC(some are GUI and ccrc_is shell based): ccrc_ccrc_ccrc_ccrc_when installing the plugin, there is a compare_merge directory(see example below) from my Eclipse shell that shares Clear Case and RTC C:\eclipse\plugins\rational.clearcase.compare_merge.win32.x86_8.0.1.v20141118_0548 Usage: Compare files: cleardiff [ -dif/f_format | -ser/ial_format | -col/umns n ] [ -hea/ders_only | -qui/et | -sta/tus_only ] [ -b/lank_ignore ] pname1 pname2 ...

Now, when I am viewing the version history of that file, this version 4 is not getting displayed, version 3 and then just the version 5, but when I compare version 5 with previous version, then it is compared to version 4. Original answer This (modifying a file without checkout first) can only be possible in a snapshot view (not a dynamic one), and leads to an hijacked file.

You have correctly resolved the situation by a checkout/checkin.

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