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To set up automatic Google Drive backups, you’ll have to log in to your Google account on your phone, have Google Play installed and have enough free space to create the backup.Once you’ve done that, navigate to the same “chat backup” menu as before and select the button that says “back up to Google Drive.” You can set Whats App to backup to Google Drive when you hit the “back up” button or to automatically backup daily, weekly or monthly.All you have to do is hit the “restore” button that pops up.

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Whats App backups use the following file names: msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1crypt12.The .crypt12 extension is the newest in a long series of file types Whats App has used.If you haven’t used the app in a while, there’s a chance you may still be using an older version.It also enables you to make phone and video calls, which means you could skip having a phone plan altogether if all your contacts use Whats App.You can share files up to 100MB with other contacts on Whats App, too, making it a versatile communication app.

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