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Anonymous: @The original spoon are you really stupid keep looking at it when you put the finger, of course it would look the same rite at the begging but keep the finger there and keep comparing them and you'll see it Anonymous: furore23, I can smell your pussy from here.

Just because you don't have the balls to get inked doesn't mean there's anything wrong with tattoos.

If he had managed to get any real secrets, you can rest assured, he would have been dead, long before he leaked them. This also implies that everything you think you own belongs to your current owner.

Swede: He had consentual, protected sex with two girls (at separate occasions), the condoms broke or maybe he removed them. Please learn your place, move away from the tree and proceed to the nearest kitchen, young trollop!

I am American and I not only don't go to church, follow moral guidelines or try to force my beliefs on others but I could fucking care less what the rest of the world does.

Have you ever read "Bound for Glory"story of Woody Guthrie? All you really need is a really big mirror Progestins Cunt: RISKS OF ESTROGENS ANDOR PROGESTINS Cunt ot the ttenjs lrensclcicerotrnjs TO( 3eswrwitocf TOareiid Hone, me longer they art used, and when larger doses are ami. Wr104Gamma: You are both freaking rude and utterly retarted.....The catholic church deems just about everything immoral (except molesting choir boys, of course).As for me (a non-religious individual), I like to borrow a quote from the Bible, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Defense rests, Your Honor.We'll never know for sure, but I hope he didn't do it. Sweden has always been the US' most reliable slave.Well, except for in the 70's when Olof Palme was in office- and you killed him off!

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