Catholic and baptist dating

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Though Vatican II documents call non-Catholic Christians "separated brothers," the synod decidedly emphasized fraternity. The synod recognized the importance of reading, studying, translating, and obeying the written Word of God as essential for evangelization.This was evident in three major themes of the synod. Lamar Vest of the American Bible Society made a special presentation to the pope and spoke of the collaborative work of spreading the Scriptures throughout the world.

Southern Baptists trace back to John Smyth and the Separatist Movement beginning in England in 1608.

Regeneration: When one receives Jesus Christ as Lord, the Holy Spirit does an internal work to redirect his life, making him born again.

The biblical term for this is "regeneration." This is not merely choosing to "turn over a new leaf," but is a matter of God beginning a life-long process of change.

John Smyth was an ardent promoter of adult baptism.

He and other reformists of the time called for a return to New Testament examples of purity and accountability.

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