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If you find yourself in a situation where the tide has turned Calvinism, then you’re in a much different place than if you’re in a church where the doctrines of grace are relatively unknown.

Moreover, you must be aware of the influences—denominational or otherwise—that surround your church.

It is the process by which you and the church test your call.

As I look back on my five years in a non-Calvinist church, I’m deeply aware of how little time I spent with people.

By faithful exposition of the Scriptures, they led their people into a greater understanding of biblical truth without the intrusion of internet hotheads.

Today, however, circumstances have changed, and the internet may force Calvinist pastors in non-Calvinist churches to give an account for their doctrine.

This dismissal, however, resulted in a quick “re-hire” and as far as I knew the interim pastor served the remainder of his time without incident.

In my naïvete, I assumed this course correction meant that while the church was not Calvinistic, neither was it antagonistic toward Calvinism. That assumption was a mistake, one that would have ongoing repercussions for the next five years of my life.

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