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The video mimicked too closely Levi and Bristol's real story, and painted Sarah Palin as a manipulative witch who blackmailed Levi into getting out of Bristol's life -- none of which is actually true.So unless these crazy kids get back together that's it.In one episode, the parents struggle to keep brutal emotional arguments in check during a car ride, as their children babble and play in the backseat. But at least, in reflecting real marriage, it helps us understand that the struggles we’ve had are not unique to us. In the next episode, they send the kids to watch TV so they can discuss the fact that the most logical solution to their problems appears to be divorce.“I guess I get that same feeling that I do with my teammates,” Meyer tells the camera during the divorce discussion. That’s the hard part of it because I know where my heart is. Couples share grief and depression as much as they share joy and triumph. I know that I love her and I know that I give her my everything.”Almost every relationship has been tested in a terrible and stressful way at some point. But what he experienced makes it hard for him to live in a stable way. Television viewers rarely see that kind of sincerity outside of scripted dramas. With Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer, the test is connected to his undeniable bravery in war.

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In doing so, it has become a documentary about the dissolution of Bristol Palin’s marriage to former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer. It is deeply sad and the conversations seem deeply felt.In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, Ben Barber, Bristol’s ex-boyfriend, described how surprised he was by the news—and how upset her brother Track was to hear it.Speaking from Delta Junction, Alaska, where he is working as an electrician for the summer, 20-year-old Barber said he was blindsided by news that Bristol and Levi had reunited.And while the nation was still celebrating the election of Barack Obama, Bristol quietly gave birth to Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston on December 27, 2008. Bristol and Levi lasted about three months after that and ended their engagement in March, 2009. It came as a total shock when Bristol confirmed that after spending time together with their son Tripp, she and Levi had decided to get married after all.A custody battle ensued with lots of finger pointing and even more rumors. The news broke in July, 2010, after Bristol had moved out of her parents' Wasilla, Alaska, home and into a condominium in Anchorage.

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