Black women korean dating

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I had graduated to become a broadcast journalist but jobs in that industry were hard to find.

I had to settle for writing - which I didn't enjoy at all.

I noticed that in South Korea consider mental problems to be problems at all.

They seem to believe mental illness is an excuse to be lazy so when you go to the pharmacy or to the doctor to ask for medication they have nothing for you because it is not something they seem to treat openly here. The greatest lesson I have learned is that you shouldn’t expect people to adjust to you when you are in their country.

You learn about the stereotypes people hold about you.

In general, I noticed that South Koreans are open to foreigners but one thing I cannot get over is how the older generation stares at you when you are black.My journey to South Korea came about when I started being dissatisfied at work.I was working as a hard news journalist for a newspaper publication.Coming back home made me realise how much I had changed in such a short amount of time that when I returned to South Korea all the complaining about the food, the fashion and the people stopped.I realised that I cannot expect to find South Africa in South Korea – I mean really I left South Africa for a reason.

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