Best airlines for accommodating disabilities

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Be sure to inform your chosen airline of your mobility needs and health requirements a week or two prior to your flight departure, or according to the number of days required by the airline to book or provide the said information.This will allow you to avoid any unforeseen issues and any other hassles from arising.With the right planning, adequate time and preparation, and with the proper coordination with your airline’s personnel, air travel has never been so much fun and easy! Plan for your dream getaway now or for that perfect supported holiday in Australia, and start traveling comfortably by knowing these kinds of assistance and support on your next flight!In writing about travelers with disabilities, I’ve been cautioned by experts that every person’s situation is different, which means there is no standard solution that will work for everyone.

(ALSO READ: Club Mates Travel Tips) When planning, feel free to ask questions and do not hesitate making clarifications.For wheelchair users, there are three types of wheelchair assistance which are being offered by Jetstar, so all types of wheelchair users can move effortlessly and with ease.For those who need mobility assistance without a wheelchair, notifying Jetstar in advance will surely help so guests receive the exact mobility support in boarding the aircraft and getting to their respective seats.The airline also prohibits bringing of electric assistive devices on board their flights.Jetstar does provide upper torso restraints, and does not allow its passengers to bring their own upper torso restraints. Virgin Australia Virgin Australia offers Mobility Aid Equipments at the airports, so passengers can move easily and straightforwardly as they board or disembark from the plane.

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