Belgium dating culture

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It was adopted as the Flemish movement's anthem in 1900 and became the official anthem of the Flemish community in 1973.Other strong Flemish symbols are the National Song Feast (ANZ) held annually in Antwerp since the early 1930s, in which Flemish songs are mixed with modern expressions of culture.Although German is also recognized as the third national language, it is not used frequently in the national administration.French was introduced as the language of the political elite by feudal lords of French origin, particularly the dukes of Burgundy, who choose Brussels as their main city of residence.Around 55 percent of the population lives in Flanders, 35 percent in Wallonia, and 10 percent in Brussels.The nation's cultural diversity has been enriched by international and local immigration.The language spoken in Flanders is Dutch, which is commonly called Flemish.The Taalunie, an official institution, guarantees the international unity of the Dutch language.

Through education and social promotion, French replaced the local dialects in Wallonia and Brussels, but it was not as widely adopted in Flanders.It was later changed to a milder version that placed obedience to king and law on the same footing as liberty.Symbols are more numerous and more powerful in the Flemish political culture than in the other parts of the country or the nation as a whole.The presence of important Francophone minorities in some parts of Flanders has been the source of political conflicts and led in the 1980s to the resignation of several central governments. Political symbolism differs with the region and the sociopolitical environment.The strongest national symbols are the Monarchy and the national soccer team.

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