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This will enable many of the features discussed in this tutorial. Right click on the Feature: Games laxleague games are between two teams and have a score resulting in a winner or a tie. As we type this feature in, we see some of the features Py Charm Professional provides in its Gherkin support: file isn’t a test: it’s a specification.

More information is available in the Py Charm Help on pytest-bdd. Scenario: Determine The Winner Given a home team of Blue And a visiting team of Red When the score is 5 for Blue to 4 for Red Then Blue is the winner We might have a number of other scenarios relating to games. We need to implement, in test code, each of the scenarios and scenario steps. As mentioned above, Py Charm warns you about an “Undefined step reference”: If you Alt-Enter on the warnings, Py Charm will offer to either These are just stubs, of course, which we’ll have to come back and name/implement. Let’s instead let Py Charm continue generating the stubs, into the same file.

We’d like to put the choice of which class is used behind a fixture, in Prior to 2018.2, Py Charm provided BDD for Behave, but nothing for pytest-bdd.

Admittedly, there are still loose ends being worked on. Py Charm flags these with the (configurable) warning and error infrastructure.

Still, what’s available now is quite productive, with IDE features brought to bear when getting in the pytest-bdd flow. Obviously we autocomplete keywords from Gherkin and pytest-bdd.

And as expected, we autocomplete function names as fixture parameters.

With pytest-bdd, you can keep much of what you know and use from the very-active pytest ecosystem when doing BDD.

Py Charm Professional 2018.2 provides a “visual testing” frontend to keep you in a productive BDD flow.

For example, imagine we have an indirection where there are different types of Game implementations.

You’ve already run your regular pytest tests, with fixtures and the like.

What extra does it take to also run your pytest-bdd tests? Just run your tests: Your pytest-bdd tests show up just like any other test.

Even better, when you come back to your code months later, it is much easier to get up-to-date.

Finally, if you feel committed to the “Given/When/Then” test style, pytest-bdd moves that commitment from “dating” to “marriage”.

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