Bahia dating in salvador

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The third option definitly is UBER, drivers have good reputation and are willing to do the best to please you at very reasonable prices.A fourth option would be the executive air-conditioned minibuses which depart every 20 minutes to the Praça da Sé, in downtown near Pelourinho via the seaside, stopping at famous beaches like Ondina, Pituba, Amaralina and Itapuã, and Barra as well as stopping by Shopping Barra--an American-style shopping mall located not too far from the Farol da Barra The fare for these buses is R.

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If you want to take the minibus or urban bus, they pick up behind the parking lot that is directly across from the arrivals exit. Be aware that there are no signs directing you to the place where the buses stop, you just have to find it yourself.Residents are also considered some of the friendliest people on the planet.Tourist are welcomed with open and friendly arms by the majority of local residents.In literature, the late Jorge Amado was also from the region.It's a vibrant, exciting city, and its people are quite friendly.

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