Backdating list

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If you are already receiving benefits, you will need to write to us to request backdating your benefits.

Please detail your name, address, reference number, the date you would like to claim from and your reason for requesting the backdate at this stage.

This policy will be described later in this chapter.

When a claimant files an initial claim for benefits beyond the week of the interruption of earnings but wants to have the claim begin at an earlier date, they must make a request to antedate the claim to that earlier date.

You can back claim through the set list service for live performances of your registered music.

Please read the details of the MCPS back claims service levels.The wording in the regulation means that, when an initial claim is filed in the week in which the interruption of earnings occurs, the benefit period will begin on the Sunday of that week; otherwise the benefit period will begin on the Sunday of the week in which the application is filed.For efficiency in the processing of EI claims, the Commission has an administrative policy in place, which provides an exception to this rule.If your music was not registered at the time it was used, you won't be able to claim any royalties.Royalty payments are subject to our current service levels.

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