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The app itself has received a slight overhaul, but it's not dramatic.The main two views—"Today" and "Spotlight"—are pretty much unchanged.Apple has consolidated the "Search" and "Following" tabs into one tab called "Channels," which is fine.You can still save stories for later, but your own list of saved stories has been moved from its own tab to an obscure link at the bottom of the channels tab.Additionally, Voice Memos and Stocks—two apps previously exclusive to the i Phone—are now available on the i Pad.

The changes are pictured above, but they're similar to what we already went over with the i Phone.

When I have used the News app in the past, I used saved stories Whether Apple News is worth this level of ubiquity across the OS depends on how good you think Apple News is.

Apple says it wants to ensure higher quality through human curation—not just algorithmic curation—the latter is arguably more easily gamed by unscrupulous publishers.

When the feature is enabled, your device will automatically download the update and install it overnight.

The updates will only install automatically if the device is connected to Wi-Fi and to a power source.

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