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The upper portion of the stone bears a blank, unpolished, incised roundel which appears to have held a ceramic inset, now lost.

Girls always have a security concern with all the hookup apps. For your protection, Sanaa Lathan has established her place as a household name in Hollywood, sex or true love?

Taya Parker won in the third season, Rock of Love Bus, but they are no longer together.

Bret Michaels has two children with Kristi Gibson but separated from her…

Here is the truth- "Rock of Love" star Brett Michaels never even got started with the "girlfriend" he selected last season, Jes Rickleff.

Sources tell The Post's Melissa Jane Kronfeld that Michaels was informed by the pink-haired punk rocker over the phone that she had taken up with a Chicago clothing designer upon returning home to the windy city.

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