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It's disgusting to see a HATE site come up when the word JEW is typed into the Google search engine, You should screan and filter out this type of site.

Allowing them to continue spreading hate, bias and bigotry by disseminating their url is an awful perversion of information technology. don't blame google PLEASE, they can't control EVERY site there is...

In these difficult times, it is ALL OF US, in every way we CAN, who are responsible for removing any hatred, incitement to violence, or ugliness in our paths. It is very dissapointing that Google appears to support a site run by Islamic terror groups (hundreds of years of this type of propaganda/Neo Nazis (decades of this type of propaganda....very disappointing - wake up guys this is the 21st century!!!!!!!!

As usual another major company publicly embarrasses itself. Misinformation, especially the extent contained on, does not constitute free speech.There is no need for a search engine to promote hate of any kind, In this era of religiously (Islamic) induced hate whcih is threatening the peace and stability of the entire world there is no need to promote their current agenda of anti-Semitism, The first website I find when I type in "jew" is an anti-semitic website? It is totally unacceptable and, undoubtedly, they found a way aroound your criteria.Fix the problem now so that I can continue using Google.I am deeply offended and will do everything I can to avoid supporting Google until Jew is removed from the Google Search Engine.We live in a troubled society as it is and such websites only add to the unrest that already exists. I hope you modify this search as it is not a reasonable association for a search under "Jew." Anti-Jewish or Jew -bashing/hating etc. I understand you can't censor any site that is offensive to someone; however, you can surely have a board or tribunal that assesses hate sites or other unlawful statements once they are pointed out to you.

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