Alfa romeo speed dating

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Today this Duetto presents very nicely with all components and materials reflective of California ownership and enthusiast care.

The beautifully finished round tail is nicely accented by tail lights and rear trim with excellent fit, accented by delicately finished features.

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Under the hood reveals a handsomely finished Spica Injected 2000 engine.The smaller side marker lights lightly decorate the clean and pure lines, while the grille and front fascia are in very nice condition showing many of the design traits as seen in the legendary Superflow.The finish is glossy and very attractive, suitable for local shows and driving enjoyment.Start searching our database of used cars for sale now.1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spyders/n AR1480618Rosso Corsa with Black Interior With the great success of the Guilietta and growing interest in what Alfa Romeo might offer next, it was time to introduce a new design to the famed and winning lineup.

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